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The most preferred and trusted Industrial Solutions company since 1970

Our Business and Strategy

Our Business

our business

Tariq Automation is a sister concern of well famous and renowned company Tariq Electric House.

Our Strategy

Company Philosophy
Tariq Automation is the Most trusted and The Most Preferred Industrial Solutions Company Since 1970. We are in the business of providing our customers, best in class industrial solutions. By best in class, we mean:
1.    Technologically Advanced Products and Services.
2.    Price and Value Effective.
3.    Superior Quality and Technical Expertise.
4.    Diversified Products and Services.
5.    Originality of Products and Services.
6.    Timely delivery.

Mission Statement
Being the most trusted and the most preferred industrial solutions company in Pakistan since 1970, due to our superior technical knowledge, extensive experience and splendid relationship with our stakeholders that surpasses their expectations, we at Tariq Automation are constantly striving to continue our journey towards more successes by bringing in the latest technologies for our customers related to HVACR, Industrial Process and Factory Automation, Instrumentation Projects and General Market from our principals located across the globe. We will continue to promote and partner with global original equipment manufacturers to solve our customers’ current and future needs and make their processes safe and sound and their businesses successful. We believe that our business growth and success is an amalgam of the growth and success of our employees and our partners and for that we will continue to technically educate our stakeholders and promote a culture of excellence keeping fair business practices as our top most priority with no compromise in our philosophy of customer success and at a very fair profit we will continue this business.

Vision Statement
We see ourselves as the most diversified industrial solutions company both in terms of geographic presence and in terms of range of solutions.

Our Values
Professional Integrity
Team work